Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Celebrating the MFA building's centennial

In 2015, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the centennial of its historical building. To tell the story of the building a multimedia presentation was commissioned.

The presentation tells the story of the building through three sections: the facade, the interior and its history. The presentation was opened by the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We delivered the concept, UI/UX design, development and illustrations.

Typefaces used

We have collaborated with the digital design studio Graftik in developing a multimedia presentation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English and Latvian. The result has been welcomed very well by the ministry employees as well as guests from Latvia and abroad. Graftik is a professional team, capable of providing creative solutions and characterized by an organized thinking and precise delivery.

Iveta Šķiņķe
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Head of Foreign Service for Historic and Diplomatic Documents Department